these reflect the purpose of our actions

Quality of the product

We have received several industrial certificates which declare the highest quality of our products. We communicate directly with our suppliers of agricultural crops we process. This helps us to better understand the process of production which starts on the level agricultural businesses. We superintend the quality of our products thoroughly, from planting, growing and production up to the customer.


Health and Safety

Glencore Agriculture company’s main priority is health and safety of our employees. According to this fact, we have developed program SafeAgri which is used in every sphere of our company. Iniciation SafeAgri is focused on operations and projects of Glencore Agriculture company with the goal of elimination fatal and serious injuries. It is binding for all employees and company’s partneras wellps. Primary components of the SafeAgri iniciation are Safe behavior and Protocols of fatal risks. Work in safe environment is the right and expectation of all our employees.


Ethical obligations

One of the primer aims of Glencore is to keep the culture of ethical behaviour. For this purpose, we have implemented Compliance programme to every sphere of our business. Global anti-corruption policy of Glencore clearly expresses our negative attitude to bribery and corruption. W ithin the Compliance programme we make complete risk of corruption analysis and internal audit to prevent corruption from occuring in our company.


Our company has developed and implemented its own Ethical Code. In accord with this Code of behaviour every employee of Glencore company who violate the legislation, the Code or any other rules or principles might face disciplinary punishment (one of the possible punishments is also employee’s dismiss from employment (in 2014, 378 emplyees were dismissed from employment due to the violation of the Code of behaviour. In most cases the dismissal was imposed on the grounds of violation of safety regulations or theft of the company’s property.


Wwe organize complex and extensive trainings concerning the ethic of behaviour, anti-corrption measures, prevention of bribery and other topics connected to the policy of our company.


In the study released by the Transparency International agency in November 2014, Glencore was evaluated by 92 % in the category of report transparency within own anti-corruption programme.


In 2014, Glencore became a member of the Partnership Against Corruption Initiative (PACI) which is based on the obligation of zero tolerance for bribery and on the obligation to implement and use effective anti-corruption programme.




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