The quality of our products is the highest priority for us so we follow the highest standarts of production. All of the ingredients along with the process of production are under strict and constant control.


Entrance control of rapeseeds - Every car or railway truck with those seeds is put to very detailed entrance analysis to secure the quality of seeds. The appearance, smell, presence of water, fat and polyaromatic hydrocarbon (these have harmful effects on human body) are the main factors.


Grain storage – Before processing, the rapeseed is stored in grain storage while the temperature being constantly controlled. While handing the seeds out, the first stage of cleaning takes place simultaneously.

Pressing - Raw oils are gathered by pressing the seeds. Before the pressing, the seeds are cleaned and then are mechanically and heat processed to simplify the extraction of the oil. Pressed oil is cleaned off mechanical impurities and then it goes through the first refining.


Extraction - The remaining oil contained in final product after the pressing process is gained by organic solvent. 'Food quality' of the solvent secures that the oil is not contamined by chemicals.

Getting rid of the slime of raw oils – The first stage of refining is to get rid of the slime. In this process, the oil is being got rid of the undesirable substances such as vegetable slimes, phospholipid etc. The auxiliary substances used in this proces are food cleaners.


Whitening - Undesirable colourful substances and other substances like heavy metals are removed from the oil by bleaching clay in the process of whitening. The quality is evaluated primarily by the appearance, cleanliness and colour of the whitened oil.

Deodorization – The process of deodorization is the last stage of oil refining. The substances which may cause the decrease of oil quality are removed by the effect of water vapour, increased temperature and vacuum. The final extensive quality control takes place here.


Bottling the oil – The oil is bottled into plastic bottles in a very short period of time after its production to preserve the highest quality. Material used for production of the plastic bottles has to meet very high demands on hygiene and are made of semi-finished products right at the filling line to secure their highest quality.




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